Home Feature: Neutral Beach House

It’s officially summer (and actually in any season) I tend to be attracted to brighter colors and patterns, but when I saw beach house in House Beautiful, I decided I might be a closet neutrals girl! This is just gorgeous inside and out.

So many good things about this room like how they balanced the fans with a large pendant, all the layers of lighting, different textures.

This door is so good.

This ceiling is gorgeous and despite its height feels so cozy thanks to the dark color. Love that they did this so your attention doesn’t go up to the ceiling, but rather out to the beautiful view.

What’s better than an outdoor shower? An outdoor shower for two!

Wouldn’t mind spending the summer at this place!

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One Response to “Home Feature: Neutral Beach House”

  1. carrie
    June 26, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

    amazing house. where is it located?
    I’m not sure that’s an outdoor shower…I think that’s a window enclosing it and I’m guessing that window is mirrored on the outside for privacy?

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