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Ikea Shopping

A week ago, I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down to read through my blog roll and opened up my computer to this:


Amy’s Computer-Sign of Death

The geniuses at Apple confirmed just what I had suspected….HARD DRIVE FAILURE!  Lucky for me, I’m extra cautious and had everything backed up on an external hard drive (I store this in a fire/water proof safe) and I also use Crash Plan which is an online back up system.  So, while I was sad to say goodbye to my white macbook.  I didn’t sweat it too much because I knew I would be up and running in no time.  However, it didn’t go as planned and I had to wait 5 days to get my new computer.  So, what do you do without a computer?

Shopping, of course!

My mom and sister-in-law were in town for a few days and they made sure I put an Ikea trip on our agenda.  Like always, I was giddy with joy when I saw a few new things.

 This table was beautiful with a walnut veneer top and solid ash legs.  It looked very high end and would look great with any type  of dining room chair.


Stockholm Table

These light fixtures were adorable and would be great in a kids room, playroom or the black/gold one in a dining

 A great solution for kid’s shoe storage and bench by the door.  This little bench comes in a variety of colors.


 Still one of my favorite chairs! Now it has a matching ottoman.



Tessa and I love the Expedit system and now it comes in a high-gloss finish and a ton of different colors including, this hot pink!


These green bins caught my eye when I noticed the price of 1.49!



 Love this bedding for a boy’s room.


 Such cute bedding for a girl’s room if you are trying to steer away from the usual pink.


 A pillow to match or I think this would be a great pop of color in a living room.


My favorite desk from Ikea now comes in two different lengths.


 This bath hand towel was just so cheery looking that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


 Still, my favorite item EVER from Ikea.  These drying racks can mounted on a wall and fold flat when not in use.


 And, my adorable sister-in-law holding up a coffee cup for my brother, an avid hunter.


Enjoy the weekend and we will see you back here on Monday!

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Everything Old Is New Again

On Monday, Tessa featured Thom Filicia’s old lake house in upstate NY. Throughout the place he had amazing wood paneling that gave such great character to each room. Do you feel like you’re going crazy right now? Wood paneling cool?? Yup, it’s back and it’s big.

One of my Sunday night rituals is to look online at my favorite stores to see what’s on sale. This Sunday, I didn’t find much on sale, but I did find something that definitely intrigued me at West Elm…Stikwood Adhesive Paneling…


West Elm-Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

How cool is this? What a perfect way to achieve a new look with texture on a wall behind a sofa, on a console, headboard or a backsplash in the kitchen. It’s also a great way to add character to builder grade homes. With its rich grains, these panels can be cut to fit your individual space and hung up in a few simple steps.  All you need to do is peel off the backing and stick! It’s that easy. (Gosh, I sound like I’m selling linoleum flooring!)

West Elm just announced a partnership  with Stikwood and now carries 14 varieties, including white reclaimed, barrel oak, expresso ash, morning mist ash and carmalized bamboo. You can apply the wood in a random horizontal or vertical pattern, or arrange it in a chevron or zig-zag design.


West Elm-Stickwood Adhesive Paneling

A kitchen island that has been transformed using white washed adhesive paneling.


Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

Definitely a great option for commercial spaces–gives you that perfect blend of rustic and modern


Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

I’m dying over this bedroom project.  Click on the photo to see before and after shots.  Love the chevron pattern!


HGTV-Stikwood Paneling

I have so many ideas of ways to use this in my own home such as giving a metal mirror a facelift.  Or, now I’m thinking about using it on the backs of my bookshelves.

Have any of you used this in your own homes?  If so, please share!

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Practicing What We Preach: Bookshelf Styling

For Throwback Thursday, thought I’d republish this post that revealed my styled bookshelves. We get asked a LOT about restyling of shelves so thought a little inspiration for a summer project was in order. You can also see the before and afters of my built-ins project here.

It’s all well and good to give advice, but the most important part is showing you that our advice is easily applied! As a follow up to yesterday’s post, we wanted to unveil my new, STYLED bookshelves (yippee!.) There was some serious bookshelf philosophizing going on as we tackled these yesterday while our four kids (collectively) wreaked havoc in the basement! LOVE how they turned out –the right balance and mix of art, books and accessories!

Before pic shows a start, but clearly not a good finish

Master Bedroom Built-in Bookcases Before Styling

And, the after:

Tessa’s Master Built-in Bookshelves After Styling

Full view of styled left side:

Master Bedroom Built-ins Styled Left Side

Full view of styled right side:

Right side of built-in after styling

As you can see, we also moved the chair to create a reading nook near the lamp. While totally functional, the chair also adds dimension and interest to the room. It also serves the purpose of keeping the focus on the left side of the room rather than the right side which houses the TV–never something to highlight in my opinion!

Amy applied the same amazing skills that she used on my junk drawer to the bookshelves. I brought her all my favorite things and we played around with layering, texture, size…and of course, functionality. The best part is that we didn’t buy one thing for this project–everything came from my house!

Here’s what we did:

  • We used different sized and colored frames, art, photographs and accessories and layered them on top of each other. We also used all hardcover books in different colors and pulled all the covers off.
  • With the books, we also stacked them horizontally and vertically, pulled some to the front and some to the back. We used them as a way to create height when needed–example using them to prop up the dark grey vase that, along with the new lamp and large print, fills the big shelf on the left and balances the TV on the right.
  • We used a lot of the room’s colors to create a cohesive feel–grey, black, brown and blue–but then added other pops of colors.
  • A little greenery and natural woven baskets for storage of extra blankets and remotes provide texture and an organic feel.
  • To keep things interesting by not having all the pictures leaning, we hung one of the prints on the back of the largest shelf on the left with Command Strips–that way we didn’t ruin the paint job.

Close up left side built-in bookcases

From the shot above, to the shot below, you can see we wrapped the cord and hid it behind the lamp so that when you enter the room you don’t see any cords–when I built the shelves I made sure to move all the electrical to the bottom edges of the big shelves to accommodate a lamp and the TV. If you recognize the lamp, it was moved from my entry console to the bedroom built-ins because the height and depth worked perfectly…now need to get something new for the entry…the hunt begins! (Side note, here’s the source for the lamp.)

Another angle

As we said yesterday, the most important thing is to make it personal–you’ll like it more that way. Above you’ll see on the left side of my bookcases I have a picture I took on my honeymoon in Bali behind a painting done by my Dad, Bill McCann. Below, the photograph of the feather was taken by my sister-in-law, Lacey Bediz, and on the upper shelf another painting by my Dad. The globe is just a cheap one from Target–I love globes and what they represent.

Master Built-in Bookcases Close Up Right Side

And here it is again, the final shot (well, before a bench cushion!)

Master Bedroom Built-in Bookcases After Styling

We hope you like them. (BTW, My husband told me tonight he likes the before better–but he would have been happy if I’d designed the room to have him sleeping in nothing but a cardboard box as long as he had his TV!) We wanted to show you ideas can really be applied. Let us know if you have any additional questions! And if you’re new to the blog and want to see pictures of the room before we put in the built-ins here’s where you can go.

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