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Kids’ Art (on the cheap!)

Have you been noticing all the gallery walls with typography art? If feels like everywhere I look, I’m seeing Etsy-finds hung like this…


I love the idea of these fun, affordable prints for a child’s room. In fact, I just bought this print for my son’s room from Etsy vendor artyMAPS (except I had them put Evanston not Chicago!)

Illinois Map Art from Etsy

Then, as I was looking for a few more pics to add to his gallery wall, I found this great source for printable artwork–the blog the handmade home. They do a monthly print freebie and have created a library of prints that you can just print off at home and frame!

This whole set of alphabet images is available to print off their site…so cute in a kid’s bedroom or in a playroom and you could use our favorite IKEA curtain rod hanging system!

The Handmade Home

The Handmade Home

 This little tricycle print is darling

The Handmade Home

The Handmade Home

And for you Jane Austen fans, I’d love to see this one hung in my closet–a nice little reminder every day.

Color printer, some scissors and a frame and you’re all set. Mixed in with some photographs, some original art made by you (yes, you!), these prints make for a really affordable way to add some color to your walls

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Temporary Wallpaper

I adore the look of wallpaper. It’s hugely popular right now. BUT, it’s also a huge commitment. Not only is there a significant cost of buying the paper itself, but the cost of having a professional install it so it looks really good and isn’t all lumpy, is an even bigger investment. And, then when you’re tired of it you spend days scraping it off…not any more my friends…

On Friday, I did a post about some of the things I like at Urban Outfitters right now. One of the other things I noticed was this Zee Wallpaper-self adhesive and easy on/off–love easy solutions! Granted I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s definitely worth a shot. I personally wouldn’t want to spend a tone of money committing to a chevron wallpapered wall, but at a few hundred and a day-long job for two, I could handle it!

Zee Wallpaper

This Tempaper – Damsel Wallpaper is also self-adhesive and comes in a bunch of different colors. It would look amazing in a powder room

Tempaper - Damsel Wallpaper : Tempaper - Damsel Wallpaper,-MetallicSilver

Temporary Wallpaper is a great solution for decorating in a rental or for kids–anyplace where you don’t wan to make a long-term commitment. I can’t get enough of these stripes! This WallCandy Temporary Wallpaper is perfect for a child’s room (and yes, that little gold stump stool is amazing!)

WallCandy - Stripe Temporary Wallpaper : WallCandy - Stripe Temporary Wallpaper-americana-Halfkit

Also pefect for a child’s room or a playroom is this Doodle Wallpaper

WallCandy - Doodle Temporary Wallpaper : WallCandy - Doodle Temporary Wallpaper-Blue/Black-Halfkit

How freaking cute is that?!? And, I’m thinking of lining the back of my son Conor’s bookshelves with this French Bull Monster Wallpaper

WallCandy - French Bull Monster Temporary Wallpaper : WallCandy - French Bull Monster Temporary Wallpaper-Magenta-Halfkit

I would put this French Bull Starlight Wallpaper on one wall behind a bed or go all out and put it on the ceiling in a little girl’s room!

Starlight Wallpaper

Go ahead, throw that wallpaper up and then take it down…without days of scraping!

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Everything Old Is New Again

On Monday, Tessa featured Thom Filicia’s old lake house in upstate NY. Throughout the place he had amazing wood paneling that gave such great character to each room. Do you feel like you’re going crazy right now? Wood paneling cool?? Yup, it’s back and it’s big.

One of my Sunday night rituals is to look online at my favorite stores to see what’s on sale. This Sunday, I didn’t find much on sale, but I did find something that definitely intrigued me at West Elm…Stikwood Adhesive Paneling…


West Elm-Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

How cool is this? What a perfect way to achieve a new look with texture on a wall behind a sofa, on a console, headboard or a backsplash in the kitchen. It’s also a great way to add character to builder grade homes. With its rich grains, these panels can be cut to fit your individual space and hung up in a few simple steps.  All you need to do is peel off the backing and stick! It’s that easy. (Gosh, I sound like I’m selling linoleum flooring!)

West Elm just announced a partnership  with Stikwood and now carries 14 varieties, including white reclaimed, barrel oak, expresso ash, morning mist ash and carmalized bamboo. You can apply the wood in a random horizontal or vertical pattern, or arrange it in a chevron or zig-zag design.


West Elm-Stickwood Adhesive Paneling

A kitchen island that has been transformed using white washed adhesive paneling.


Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

Definitely a great option for commercial spaces–gives you that perfect blend of rustic and modern


Stikwood Adhesive Paneling

I’m dying over this bedroom project.  Click on the photo to see before and after shots.  Love the chevron pattern!


HGTV-Stikwood Paneling

I have so many ideas of ways to use this in my own home such as giving a metal mirror a facelift.  Or, now I’m thinking about using it on the backs of my bookshelves.

Have any of you used this in your own homes?  If so, please share!

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