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Fashioning a Room: Styling Pantone’s Fall Colors

Happy Friday! Thought it would be fun to do a little fashion today so we invited our friend, Jennie, who is a personal stylist to create a couple of fall looks inspired by the rooms in Wednesday’s post about Pantone’s fall colors. Jennie’s the one who always just looks so perfectly pulled together, but never too done. Here’s just a casual everyday look for her…way better than even my best lululemon!

Jennie Wold

Take it away, Jen…

Hi everyone. I thought it would be good to show you how you can buy some great accessories this season and then use them for two completely different outfits–one a little dressier and one super casual (I’m happy to lead the Banish the Yoga Pant group!) I love the Pantone fall colors and was immediately attracted to the gorgeous purple shade Acai in this room…

Pantone Acai room

Amanda Nisbet

And here’s where I took it…

Pantone Acai outfit

1. Milly Layne Bucket – Gunmetal //2. Hive & Honey Multi Chain Statement Necklace – Gold //3. Mesh Yoke Elastic Waist Dress //4. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer – London white //5. La Mer Collections Gold Pyramid Stud Wrap – Chocolate //6. Vince Camuto Arianah – Smoke Taupe //7. Pim + Larkin Yellow Link Bracelet – Yellow/gold

Even though this look is centered around a (fab!) dress, I still feel like it’s very easy to wear. That rich acai shade is PERFECT for fall, and plays so well with the neutral palette of the accessories. I added in the yellow link bracelet for a bit of contrast, which adds a little vibrancy to the whole outfit. The brass on the watch reminds me of a great nailhead on a rich leather sofa!

So, taking it casual…Remember this room? Beautiful Mykonos blue dining room…

Amanda Nisbet Design Mykonos blue dining room

Amanda Nisbet

it inspired switching out the dress for a more mellow look with an amazing pair of blue skinny jeans and a chunky oatmeal sweater…perfect for a casual office or school drop off. The look for “Mellow Mykonos” really took shape when I found those jeans. That vibrant pop of color from the pants paired so well with the neutral cable knit sweater. I especially loved that the accessories from “Almighty Acai” easily transitioned into this everyday look. You could also switch out the booty for a pointy flat for a little more practicality.

Pantone Mykonos Blue outfit

1. Pim + Larkin Yellow Link Bracelet – Yellow/gold //2. Hive & Honey Multi Chain Statement Necklace – Gold //3. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer – London white //4. Knitted Angora Cable Jumper //5. La Mer Collections Gold Pyramid Stud Wrap – Chocolate //6. Vince Camuto Arianah – Smoke Taupe //7. AG Stilt Brilliant Blue Cigarette Jeans // 8. Milly Layne Bucket – Gunmetal

The key is that you can invest in a few fun accessories this season and make them work for very different looks. Happy fall styling. XO Jennie

Love what you see? Now for the best part…Jen is giving a special offer to our readers. WooHoo!! Need a little pick up in your fall wardrobe? For only $25 (normally it’s $50) Jennie will design two fall outfits for you–just like below with links to everything to buy. Just send a picture of yourself with your sizes, style you like and budget and she’ll make you look (more!) fabulous! Banish those yoga pants and get some ideas on putting together something cute! Need something for a special occasion or just want to add some new fall pieces to your everyday look,email Jennie directly at and mention “two inspire design” or leave a comment and she’ll contact you directly. I swear to you that you will feel 100 times better once she’s gotten her hands on your wardrobe!!

UPDATE: Just found this code for Piperlime which is the resource for most of the accessories Jennie used: Starting 9/22, take 20% off sitewide at Piperlime! 3 days only. Use code THANKYOU

Tessa Signature

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Fashioning a Room: Who’s Your Mommy?

A year ago today, I left a career in PR to stay at home with my two kids–two and four. A HUGE transition, but a good transition…in all things except fashion. I used to go to work and look good–wore make up, brushed my hair and generally looked decent to even the most fashionable 25 year old in my office. Well, a year later, I find myself in yoga pants…all the time. For Christmas my husband bought me all lululemon so that at the very least I wouldn’t be wearing hideous yoga pants every day…but they’re still yoga pants. Anyway, my point is that just because I’m a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean I have to give up on fashion and thankfully I have my friend Jennie Wold to help!

Last month, Jennie styled two outfits for us based on our favorite rooms. We had requests to have her do more fashion posts, so this time we thought it would be fun to do outfits inspired by a nursery and that are mom-friendly for this time of year–it’s too hot to wear yoga pants in the summer so I better find an alternative!

When Amy and I thought about what nursery we wanted to use as inspiration for Jennie’s outfits, we immediately agreed upon this fabulous one we’d both saved last summer when it was featured on one of our favorite blogs Elements of Style. We both love the rich tones, the collected feel and the fact it will grow with the child. Visit Elements of Style for more pics and sources.

Via Elements of Style Blog

Via Elements of Style Blog

So what would the woman who designed this nursery wear? Jennie’s put together two outfits–one lower priced and one higher priced (just in case you’re in the mood to splurge!)…thanks Jen! And if you like what you see, follow Jennie on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Fun to be back again! I LOVE this nursery so that made it really easy to pull together the two looks today. While this first outfit is considered the “low end” from a pricing perspective (each item is less than $70) I think it looks anything but. I chose the shorts based on the color and pattern in the nursery’s rug. The charcoal batwing tee is a little more special than a basic tee, but not so special that you’d need to get it dry cleaned every time a mystery stain appeared on the shoulder. The ballet flats were an amazing find- they looked just like the painting! What I loved most about them (and the amazing flea market picture) is that they’re bold enough to stand out, but don’t completely take over the whole look. The tote is essential for packing snacks and diapers, and let’s be honest- it’s the only way a mom can safely wear white. My favorite piece (by far!) is the sunshine yellow beads. While they add a burst of color, they’re doing double duty as a teething ring!

low end nursery outfit

Jigsaw batwing top
£44 –

Old navy shorts
$20 –

Victoria s Secret ballet flat
$59 –

2b tote handbag
$50 –

J Crew hair accessory
$16 –

Yellow necklace


For the “higher end” look, I literally spared no expense (not realistic I know, but more fun!) The boatneck dress looks comfortable, forgiving, and ultra chic when paired with the right accessories. The scarf was another way to interpret the painting hanging in the nursery. While I initially envisioned it breezily draped around the neck, I decided it would be equally amazing wrapped around the head with giant gold hoop earrings peeking out from under it. Top all that with some Miu Miu sunnies, and you’re ready for the most glamorous stroll (to the park, maybe?) of your life! The cobalt blue gladiator sandals are currently topping my lust-list. I thought it was a great way to bring in the color and some of the geometric shapes from the room’s rug. Pile on the bangles for some added texture and color- just don’t let these get used to cut new teeth!

high end nursery

Boatneck dress
$380 –

Dolce Vita flat sandals
$189 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs twist jewelry
$128 –

Sequin jewelry
$30 –

Amrita Singh post earrings
$100 –

Erdem floral scarve
$645 –

Miu Miu square sunglasses
£190 –


Hope the real mom of the lucky child who has this nursery likes the outfit choices. I must have that nailhead tote…sucker for anything nailhead.


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Fashioning a Room

We have a guest blogger today! We’re lucky enough to have our friend, Jennie Wold, doing a special interior design inspired fashion post. Jennie is a talented personal stylist and with spring here, and with it an urge to freshen up our closets, we asked her if she could put together a couple of outfits based on our favorite rooms in the first post. You know how they often say that dogs and their owners look alike? Well, apparently  homeowners and their rooms can look alike…but in a much better way than me looking like my yellow lab! And now passing the baton to Jen…

Hi everyone!  Great to be guesting today. Not only did I want to make sure I accurately reflected the rooms, but I also made sure to incorporate some of the season’s biggest trends. I loved it when Tessa and Amy asked me to write this post because it really shows you can pull inspiration from so many places. Fashion and interiors are so closely aligned so if there’s a trend you see in one place, don’t be afraid to try to translate that to another place.

First, a reminder of Tessa’s favorite room:

One of the things I loved most about Tessa’s choice was the layering of bright, bold patterns. I immediately envisioned these red skinny jeans with a breezy tribal top. I added the jacket to integrate the strong presence of blue hues throughout the room. The purse is an easy way to mix patterns, and the neutral color palette ensures that it won’t fight with the rest of the look. I think the woman that would wear this outfit (or live in this room) would want garments that could take her anywhere in a moment’s notice. With that in mind, I added the fedora and sensibly stylish fringe sandals. The bangles finish the look by adding texture and a little luxe.

Tessa's Room

Glamorous chiffon top
£20 –

Paul Smith jacket
£694 –

Leather shoes
$90 –

Ralph Lauren oversized hobo handbag
$419 –

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
$25 –

Miso wooden jewelry
£9 –

Eugenia Kim straw hat
$260 –


And on to Amy’s room:

One of the first things that I noticed in Amy’s room was the overall neutral palette with these amazing bursts of color. This approach is a great way to “design” an outfit as well. I chose this simple maxi dress because I felt both the length and the color mirrored the tall ceiling and soft grey walls. I like the idea of layering a cozy woven vest over the dress to add texture and warmth, much like the throw in the photo would. The beaded necklace was an easy choice for me. It adds the unexpected pop of color, and playfully mimics the light fixture featured in the room. The bracelets, bag, and lipstick are sort of like the throw pillows of the ensemble. They bring color, pattern, and just the right amount of whimsy.

Amy's Room

Maxi dress
$70 –

Donna Karan fringe vest
£192 –

Ash wedge sandals
$152 –

Banana Republic beaded necklace
$60 –

Elie Tahari bamboo bangle
$85 –

Kate spade bangle
$128 –

NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick
$24 –


I love what Jennie pulled together and while you’re reading this, I’m probably shopping online (well, maybe not for the gorgeous blue Paul Smith jacket which will remain on my wish list…likely, well, until the end of time…)

Send us a room you love and your general style and we’ll have Jennie put something together in a future post.  Hope you enjoyed our first fashion (and first guest) post.

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