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Playing with Styles and Scale

After Amy’s last post about mascara for your windows, I remembered this great house  I saw on Style at Home‘s site with an amazing “mascara for your front door” entrance.

Style at Home 2014 eclectic-exotic-entrance

What you can tell from the front door, is that the designer, Montana Burnett, played with different styles and scale to create that eclectic look. In the photo above, I love how a boxwood (traditional) is in a large (modern) planter and set in front of a (traditional) door. And, it just gets better inside. Love the tone the luggage sets in the entrance–like the owner is ready to run off to some exotic locale (or maybe he’s just like me and hasn’t unpacked yet from the last trip!)

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-mirror

Inside, the debate of old vs. new and big vs. small continues. Modern chairs paired with a traditionally-legged ottoman and huge lamp on small side table.

Style at Home 2014 eclectic-exotic-livingroom

Traditional chandelier over a modern table and chairs. And, what about those little glasses with a single stem sitting in this large space.

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-dining

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-flower

Love the large photo in the kitchen. By keeping the palette really clean, the home still feels uncluttered despite lots of different shapes and sizes.

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-kitchen

 In the bedroom, the large bedside mirror is unexpected.

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-bedroom

 The gorgeous venetian mirror with the square marble sink–wow.

Style at Home eclectic-exotic-bathroom
I love how mixing up styles and playing with scale contributes to the eclectic feel of this home. All too often we worry about whether or not something “fits” a room and I think this house is a great example of how you can really mix things up.

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Fantasy Friends: Current & Elliott

We all have them, celebrities we think we’d be friends with if we only got to meet them. My husband’s is NBC anchor Willie Geist (I know, weird right, but we really do think they’d be friends.) I think I might be friends with denim and interior designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. The line they did for PB Teen last year is so fun and when I saw this feature on their respective homes on, I just loved it!

I could bring my kiddos and sip margaritas with the ladies out here…

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature 7

Saw this and yet again want to redo my dining room. Although, this pic is going to drive Amy crazy because she can’t stand how kilims always bunch up and even in this otherwise perfect pic the rug is bunched up!

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature 6

Perfectly styled bookshelves

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature 5

I’m generally not a fan of a swagged chain on a pendant, but in this case it actually adds to the relaxed feel of the room. The oversized lamp on the pedestal side table is amazing and another reminder you don’t have to match metals in your house!

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature 4


Elle March 2014

Gallery wall, check. Perfectly accessorized console, check. Terrarium, check. And, I could go on…  Only thing I’d change is the curtains. Generally not a fan of tab tops and I’d like to see them hung 10 inches higher (but who am I to critique these two?!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.04.00 PM


All good on the gallery wall up the stairs! And that dress!!

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature 2

I adore this room. Such a fun mix of styles for the perfectly curated boho look

Elle March 2014 Current Elliot feature

So, how can you inject a little Boho chic into your space?

Get the Look Bohemian Living

1. The West Elm Chevron Knot Rug in ivory is a blank canvas with just enough interest, to build off of. This rug goes great in any room and meshes well with all types of decor. Highly rec.

2. You know we love this Eames Molded Chair with Dowel-Leg Base because it’s such a classic. And cozy it up with a sheepskin from IKEA.

3. Don’t you love the large vintage letters in the pics above? Scour flea markets or go for something easy like these Acid Etched Letters from Urban Outfitters.

4. Poufs are a staple in any bohemian-style home. You know a trend is in full-tilt when it hits PB Kids! Like this Moroccan Floor Pouf that comes in silver and three other colors. Another great one is the Kew Dhurrie Pouf from West Elm

5. So, it might be hard to find that gorgeous cage-inspired light in the nursery, but you don’t have to be really literal when you replicate a look. Instead, consider accessorizing with something like these Vintage Terrarium Cage Planters. They would look great filled with succulents on a sideboard.

6. Pillows are such an easy way to bring in an eclectic vibe. This Magical Thinking Diamond Kilim Pillow from Urban is gorgeous with that little shot of pink and affordable! Or, bring in some of that graphic black and white with this Chevron Crewel Pillow in iron.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Home Feature

I might be a few days late to the game but just sat down to look through my Domino Spring Issue and wow, I’m totally in love with Lauren Leiss’ home feature.

The accordion library lights are so sweet in this space and I love the built-in shelving for books.  It’s the little details like this that make the space unique.

domino 2

 Here’s a shot of the end of the room.  Instead of building a new media center this one was taken from their last home and inserted.  Love the glass doors!

Liess Home

And here’s a shot of the other end of the room.  What a cozy room!  Can you believe those wood shelves are actually butcher block from Ikea?  Love that idea and it makes me want to rip out my current shelving in my family room and replace it with butcher block.  It just warms up the space and carries the caramel tones through the room.  And let’s discuss the great idea to use a fabric ottoman but move an end table over the top when you need a hard surface area and it also creates height in the room.

domino 4

 I am definitely noticing a trend these days that kitchens are becoming a ‘room’ and not just a place to prepare dinner.  Notice no upper cabinets in this kitchen create a cozy space and those iron racks are to die for.  Oh, and an art wall above a sink–great idea if you don’t currently have a window above your sink.  And, I love those retro barstools!

domino 5

Two things about this room–the chandelier and the ghost coffee table!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and especially in this room with such a mix of materials.

domino 1

Definitely grab yourself a copy of the spring issue of Domino–so, so, worth it!  Enjoy the weekend!

You won’t believe the before photos, you can find them here.Amy Signature

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