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Welcome To The World!

Congratulations to Tessa and her husband, Andy, who had a beautiful baby boy yesterday afternoon (photos to come soon).   No name yet but if it’s anything like the last time they had a baby, a list of names will be on a white board in their room and a few hours before departure they will decide.

I’ve had baby gifts on my mind lately with several of my friends having babies and a few friends who are due very soon.  Like Tessa, most of my friends are on their second or third child.  While it’s fun to get a gift for the baby, I also think a repeat mom deserves something for herself.  With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few gifts that I would have loved to have received when my third was born.  Come to think of it, I could still use these gifts even though my little guy is now six months.  Geez, where did the time go?

A new wallet makes any mom of multiple kids feel a little more organized.  This wallet has two bill compartments, twelve credit card slots and one inside zip pocket.  And let’s not forget, it’s gorgeous!

Chloe Zip Around Wallet

Okay, I’m not going to lie–I’ve thought about stealing my husband’s (he uses them when he travels on airplanes) to use while sleep training our baby or better yet, whenever any of my three kids are crying or whining.


Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones


Let’s face it–after kids every mommy needs a little moisture in their skin.  We’ve all heard what this famous face cream can do for our wrinkles, so why not use their body cream?


Laura Mercier

Right after a new mom finds time to lather up her body, she can then move on to her face.  I LOVE this face cleansing system and swear it has made my skin softer.



Every mom needs some comfy pajamas to wear around the house or maybe this is your outfit to drive through the carpool lane for school drop off– they would definitely look better than my current yoga pants with holes around the hem. These made Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2012.


P Jamas Home Set

And lastly, six months out and now I’m getting desperate and wondering if this product really does work?  Hmmm…

ab enhancer

So the next time you buy a repeat mommy a gift, think about getting her a gift for herself and skip the baby.  Although, probably not a good idea to bring her the ab-enhancer.  Well at least not while you’re visiting her in the hospital.

Congratulations Tessa!  I’m so glad you’ve joined the club of three kids with me.

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Favorite Baby Products

So, today is finally baby day! As you’re reading this, I’m at the hospital getting my third c-section (after two musts, I had to choice on this one…) or snuggling the new baby, so thought it would be appropriate today to post some of my favorite baby/nursery products. Some are “oldies” but goodies that I’ve actually used, and some are new since I had my last baby almost three years ago. One thing I’ve noticed is that finally parents are able to get things that are great for baby, but not in hideous prime colors that any stylish parent can’t stomach!

Favorite Baby Products by

1) I was in West Elm last week checking out some pillows for a client and ran into this new glider/ottoman they have (yup, I seriously ran right into it…the belly on me is outrageous and throwing off all sorts of balance!)

2) For all of you who live in cold climates, this little carseat cover from 7 AM Enfant is amazing. I have it in black and have used it for all three of my kids so it was well worth the investment…super cozy for the kid and super stylish for you.

3) This is a high chair from Baby Bjorn that came on the market just over a year ago. What’s great is that it breaks down to store in tight places and wipes down very easily.

4) When it comes to sleeping, there are three products that are a must: a crib (this Oeuf Sparrow is the one I have and am about to use with my third baby…love it because it’s unisex and goes with any type of decor); a travel crib (this one from Baby Bjorn is perfection–at 11 lbs or so it’s so easy to travel with and has an amazing warranty); and finally, a cot for when baby is sleeping in your room when they first come home (I have the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, but seriously this one is WAY nicer…)

5) A good lounger is a must and I love this sleek one from bloom. There wasn’t anything on the market like this six years ago when I was buying all my baby stuff.

6) Finally, when it comes to artwork, one of my favorite sources is Sugarboo Designs—such fun, whimsical pieces (Note, they’re often available on sources like One King’s Lane so be sure to sign up and check them out for sales) and Etsy has some really great pieces for kids to make your new nursery really special.

Amy will give you all an update on the baby tomorrow!

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Unisex Stocking Stuffers (For Adults!)

My kids’ stockings are easy–I incorporate a few of the staples I got in my stocking as a kid (underwear, new toothbrush and a tangerine–yes, that’s right, that’s what I got in my stocking!!) and add a few things my kids will love–this year it’s stickers, squinkies and superhero or hello kitty rubber stamps and a notepad. But, my husband has a stocking too and I like to put some things in his. So, yes, he’ll get the staples too (lucky guy…who doesn’t love new underwear and a tangerine on the same day?!) but I came up with some other ideas that would make any grown up happy opening their stocking on Christmas morning.

Unisex Stocking Stuffers (for adults)


The key to a good stocking is a fun mix of useful, fun and thoughtful items that of course, easily stuff into the stocking! I like little things that are low cost that someone wouldn’t necessarily think of on their own.
1. This bottle opener is a bit of a splurge for a stocking (at $28) but it’s stylish and will put a smile on any adult-beverage lover’s face!

2. I love these little pocket mirrors from Jayson Home. Sure, it’s obvious that a woman would love to throw one of these in her purse, but I think my husband could be well served with one of these kept in his computer bag for those after lunch teeth checks!

3. Bring a little luck to a loved one one Christmas morning with this little horseshoe. Perfect as a paperweight or just displayed on a bedside table.

4. Ever try these “soap” bars? They work hard to take those odors like onion and garlic off the hands of a cook and look cool in a soap dish in your kitchen.

5. We drink a lot of wine during the holidays in my house. I save up all our good bottles to really enjoy at this special time of year so who wants to waste even one drop?? This little $3 number from your local Crate & Barrel is a perfect little stuffer.

6. These darling little birch boxes would be perfect as gift boxes. Throw one in a stocking by itself, or fill it with someone’s favorite candy (or maybe a nice little piece of jewelry…)

7. We all have headphones and mine always tend to be in a ball of wires. I’d love to get this bright green cord wrap in my stalking to keep me organized and add a little punch of color to those gray iPhone ear buds so I can see them in my purse!

8. I share a closet with my husband so neither of us wants to have the closet smelling too male or female. These little satchels are so cute, but the natural, woodsy scent would please any man as well.

Hope all of you who celebrate Hanukkah had a wonderful holiday. Next year, I promise we’ll do more coverage for your Hanukkah holiday decor!

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