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Pax System

Anyone interested in making their closet a little more functional,  but not at a high cost?  Let me introduce (although it’s been around for awhile) the Pax system at Ikea.  Tessa and I are working on two closet designs for clients and after lots of research on closet organizers, we have found that the Pax system can’t be beat.  It’s quality, options and price are fantastic and with a little carpentry work to make it look custom, it’s a no brainer.

You won’t believe these closets came from Ikea!


pax 3

Made By Girl

Little Green Notebook

Little Green Notebook


pax 2

4 Men 1 Lady

Adding a little trim to the system gives it that custom look.

pax 4

Ronce’s Diary


pax 5

Meg & The Martin Men

pax 6

Inside the System

pax 7

Made By Girl



pax 8

Made By Girl

Seeing the product in stores didn’t disappoint–the options were endless!



 Love these drawers with clear fronts.

photo 2

Perfect spot for laundry hampers!

photo 3

 Love this shoe storage component!


photo 4



If you’re in the market for closet organizers, definitely check out the Pax system.  It would also be a great in a pantry! Amy Signature










This wardrobe was painted to give it a custom look by blending into the walls.

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Ikea Ritva DIY

Remember this post Tessa did way back when about pom pom curtains?  I’ve always had it bookmarked thinking one day I would purchase some for my daughter’s room.  That post was in January and now here I am in July thinking maybe I should finally put some drapes up in her room.

I love these blackout ones from Pottery Barn Teen:


Pb Curtains

But, (there’s always a but!) at 119.00 PER panel, I just couldn’t justify the expense.  And of course, a little voice in my head (it’s always there!) says, “Ikea, Ikea…Ritva drapes”.

Yesterday, I told you about my love for the Ritva curtains from Ikea.  So I came up with a cost saving idea:



Ritva Drapes priced at 34.99 PER two panels


 A little bit of this….

pom pom


some cheap blackout lining–this is a must.  I don’t want my five year old waking up when the sun comes up!  I found mine at Jo Ann’s fabric priced at 6.99 a yard but it was half off with a coupon.


a crafty mom!

For approximately 42.00, I my mom intend to copy the very expensive Pottery Barn curtains.    Good timing that I’m dropping my kids off at my parent’s house next week for them to watch,  while Mr. B and I enjoy some time to ourselves.   Don’t worry mom, I will make it up to you!

Can’t wait to show you the final result!  Enjoy the weekend.

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Ikea Ritva Curtains

I’m always looking for cheap ways to add drapery to a room.  Drapery can be an expensive purchase and even more expensive when you add curtain rods.  I was perusing the internet looking for cheap but nice looking drapes.  Here are a few photos that caught my eye and would you believe these drapes are from Ikea (DIY in different ways of course!):

drapes 1



drapes 2



drapes 3




drapes 4



drapes 5

Last week, I made the long jaunt to Ikea.  This time it was a different experience because my husband and three kids came.  Let’s just say it wasn’t quite the same and I don’t think I will ever do that again.  The kid’s club was closed so we were stuck walking the aisles with three whiny kids.  I was there solely to hunt down  the Ritva Curtains and see if they really did have the look that good in person.  Oh, and grab a cinnamon roll!



Let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.  Even though they are 100% cotton, they have the look and feel of a linen texture.  They come in white, black, gray, medium brown and red.  And as you can see from the examples above, so many ways to personalize.  If you’re looking for drapes for your living room, bedroom or a kid’s room it’s worth the trek out to Ikea.  Check back on Friday and I will show you a DIY project I’m going to attempt with these drapes (maybe I should say, my mom is going to attempt).


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