Front Porch Living

It’s yet to feel like Spring is here, but we had a little taste of it this weekend and I want more. One of my favorite things to do in the summer, is hand my kids a bunch of sidewalk chalk and hang out on my front porch. So what makes a good front porch?

For me, it starts with the basics: a good front door (I tend to go classic colors on mine like this rich BM Hale Navy), a great light with clear glass shade, simple accessories in contemporary numbers, doorbell and a no-frills mailbox. The next thing to bring in that is invaluable is two comfortable chairs and a combo of affordable pillows. I love these ones from IKEA for a covered porch. Then bring in a ceramic stool in a contrasting color so you have somewhere to set down that evening cocktail you’ll be enjoying while your kids ride bikes in front of your house (sound Americana enough??) I like to use boxwoods in varying sizes of the same pot; at the end up the summer you can plant the boxwoods and enjoy them all year.

Front Porch Living


I like to keep my front porch design simple…nothing too showy from the road (maybe the modest Canadian part of me coming out!) Hopefully soon we’ll all be able to actually hang out outside soon.

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Boo is the name given by my children to my new desk chair….


turns out my family thought it was really funny when I told them I had purchased a ghost chair.


I’ve been debating about this chair forever and decided to finally pull the trigger.  I have to admit, it was love at first sight!


The ever-favorite ghost chair originates from Phillipe Starcke for Kartell.  It instantly gives any room a modern update but if you decide to purchase the original design it will set you back $410 dollars.  I recently stumbled upon an alternative version on LexMod and decided to order so I could see quality. Ordering a ghost chair through LexMod will cost you around $100 dollars per chair.  And, just in case you are skeptical about purchasing a knockoff ghost chair, Jackie over at York Avenue summed up all the research you need to know when comparing the real and the knockoff versions.

ghost chair chart

There are so many different ways to utilize this chair in your home, whether it be for an office area, dining room table or as an occasional chair in your living room.

photo 1

photo 2


desk 1

Or consider putting one in an entry way where you don’t have much space.

photo 3



entry 2

 Or as an occasional chair in a living room…

photo 5

photo 12

photo 13

A ghost chair is always a great fit around a dining room or breakfast table….

photo 10


photo 8

photo 16

photo 17

The possibilities are endless!

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Living in Osage County

I actually had the privilege of watching a full length movie on an airplane while returning from spring break yesterday.  Some of you may not think this is a big deal but it’s a huge deal when you have three children and one  is only 19 months old.  I was dreading our flights to and from San Diego but it turned out my 19 month old decided to take a two hour nap on the way home, which left me to scroll through my movie options–(we were on one of the new American Airlines jets that have their own TV’s and you can even watch movies that are currently in theatres now). I was so excited to see that I could watch August:  Osage County.

Let’s just say I LOVED the movie…yes, it was dark, depressing, and so dysfunctional but Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts did not disappoint in their acting abilities.  I will admit that I cried several times throughout the movie (maybe it was delight because I would look over every 15 minutes and my baby would still be sleeping).  Don’t worry the other two children were so engrossed in Frozen and The Mighty Ducks that they didn’t even look to see the dysfunctional movie I was watching.

I won’t bore you with my review of the movie but I was so awestruck with the house that they used to film the movie.

I couldn’t imagine living in such a grand home. …..that wrap around porch!

house 1

It’s located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  It was up for sale a few years ago but sold for $250,000 it definitely needed some TLC but it has so much potential.  It’s all in the details!

house 2

The wrap around porch makes the house appear much larger than it really is but think of all that outdoor space to decorate with cozy furniture.

house 3

 Love the front door and all of the molding around the windows….although, you would probably all cringe because I would paint that molding white just as fast as I walked through the front door.

house 4

Not sure what one could do to move the huge vent in the floor…what were they thinking?

house 5

 Check out the mural on the back dining room wall.  I’m not one for murals but the movie set made it look so interesting.

house 6

And this is where most of the dysfunction takes place…doesn’t it always happen around the dinner table.  The chandelier was beautiful!

house 8

house 12

The original wallpaper was left for the movie set.

house 13

This house has five bedrooms but only one bathroom? WTH??

house 14

  So interesting that the house had a separate screened in porch off the back of the house.

house 15

This movie got me thinking about our deck off the back of our house and now I’m in summer mode to get it ready for some relaxing afternoons sipping ice tea and pretending to be in Osage county but without all of the dysfunction, of course!

Enjoy the weekend!

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