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Look Up: Wallpapered Ceilings!


Terris Lightfoot

We’re really liking the idea of paying more attention to the oft-forgotten ceiling these days. Especially in a bedroom where let’s face it, you’re looking up at the ceiling more than any other “wall.”

Phillip Gorrivan Design

Lonny Mag

 This Hygge & West Daydream wallpaper is an all-time favorite for a kid’s bedroom ceiling

Amber Interiors

A closet is a great place to go bold–or a powder room

House Beautiful

It also doesn’t have to be pattern, texture is great too. And don’t miss that gorgeous light!

Charleston Magazine

We’re taking the next few days off for the 4th. Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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I think most people default to a queen bed for a guest room, but I’m totally into two twin beds instead. I think it offers a little more flexibility and honestly, even if you’re a couple, it’s not so bad to have your own bed every once in a while! The key is keeping it inviting and gender-neutral…

Bear Hill Interiors

Ashley Goforth Design

Berkley Vallone

 My parents recently moved into a ski town–might have to convince them to do this paper on one of their bedroom walls. And that little pop of green is perfect.

Haus Interior

 I’ve said it before–two beds = two lights.

Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley

I like how they’ve hung the art in this room. It would be more expected to hang one over the center of each bed, but by hanging them closer, I like how it creates almost one large piece of art with the two pictures and the lamp thereby balancing the two beds better.

Domino Magazine

It’s also a great solution if you’re working around a big, centered window.

Turquoise LA

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Clever Kitchen Pantry

Was browsing houzz yesterday and came across this great kitchen idea…

A cabinet, a nice cabinet, but a cabinet nonetheless…geez how interesting, Tessa…

BUT, look what’s actually behind that unassuming cabinet!
When you see a shot of the full kitchen, you can see how brilliant the design was as it perfectly balances the fridge at the other end of the counter. Looks loads better than had they done a traditional door to a pantry–keeps things nice and streamlined.
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