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We’re still here!  I know it’s been awhile since we’ve been posting regularly and we’ve really been meaning to do a better job of that but life keeps getting in the way.  The truth is we’re extremely grateful that we have built a business that is keeping us busy, but it definitely takes away our ‘fun’ time  which is blogging and showing you our thoughts and ideas.

But we’re here today and I’m excited to show you some of my weekend finds.

I mean seriously…Target.  I don’t even recognize this store anymore.  It doesn’t get much better than this adorable task lamp.

threshold lamp

Anyone looking for the perfect size lamp to put in your kitchen?  Take a look at these adorable lamps and they come in four great colors.  Plus all lighting is 15% off right now.


Crate and Barrel has stepped up their style a bit and I’m loving this sconce.  It also comes in nickel.  Such a great choice for someone who lives in an older home but wants to modernize their sconces a bit but not loose that traditional feel.


Urban Outfitters–I love this source for lighting.  Their lighting selection is unique and well priced.  Love this Gumball Floor Lamp which also comes in two other colors.


This post wasn’t intended to be all lighting choices but as the darker days set in it has me thinking about ways to create different levels of lighting in my house.

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Current Obsession: Utility Sinks

I was having lunch at Farmhouse in Evanston yesterday and they have this great utility sink in their bathroom. Of course (because this is just how my mind works) as my daughter was washing her hands, I was thinking why we don’t use these sinks more in residential design. They’re really a great way to get that modern rustic look that we love so much.

Z+ Architects via Houzz
ENJOY Co. via Houzz
Modern Organic Interiors via Houzz
This one adds a little bohemian flair and I love how they’ve created a a bright tile backdrop that keeps this bathroom from feeling too stark and cold
Incorporated architects & designers via Houzz
Via Houzz
And you don’t have to have the under piping exposed
Gaspar's Construction via Houzz
Kits Construction via Houzz
Peace Design via Houzz
Or, you can make the pipes and faucets more modern looking to balance the traditional sink
Perfect addition to a laundry room or kid’s bathroom
Upscale Construction via Houzz
ENJOY Co. via Houzz
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Judge a Book by Its Cover

Today was the first day of school (insert both happy and sad faces here depending on what moment you got me today.) So, that means two things: one, that hopefully Amy and I will have more time to do posts. We know we’ve been super lame about posting this summer! We have so many projects we need to update you on and a list of topics we want to write about and hopefully with four of the six of our collective kiddos in school now we’ll be able to get to them! Two, it means is that I finally got around to tackling my one of the projects on my to do list–going through all the kids books and moving them around from 6 year old to 4 year old, from 4 year old to 1 year old. Yup, the old hand me downs happen with clothes and books.

Books are big in our house. When I was growing up we had books everywhere…everywhere. A perfectly curated library takes years to put together. Well, unless you turn to Juniper Books.

Juniper Books is like one of those dream companies you wish you’d started. Damn it, another one I missed out on!! They’re booksellers, but think of them more like tailors of a bespoke library creating your perfectly-personalized, beautifully-thought-through-in-both-looks-and-content collection. Tell them what you love and they pull the perfect library together for you and man do they make it look good!

Juniper Books via Houzz

So, in 2010 Juniper Books decided to take books as decor to the next level with gorgeous custom book jackets–for the books you buy from them or for the books you already have.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.20.40 PM Juniper Books

Juniper Books

Where it used to be that you’d have to scour bookstores for perfectly-colored volumes to match your decor (with books that of course you’d read too!) now Juniper Books can actually print new covers in any color you wish.

I love these ones that still make the content of the book important, but are all just clean and pretty

This country club went all out–and while it’s a little gimmicky for my taste, putting custom jackets on their old leather law books to create this scene was certainly clever and gave new purpose to books that were likely never read

Perfect as a gift

Great for the foodie or oenophile

In honor of my kids hitting the books, I might just have to invest in my own little (and it would have to be little given the cost!) custom library.

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