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Ikea Ritva Curtains

I’m always looking for cheap ways to add drapery to a room.  Drapery can be an expensive purchase and even more expensive when you add curtain rods.  I was perusing the internet looking for cheap but nice looking drapes.  Here are a few photos that caught my eye and would you believe these drapes are from Ikea (DIY in different ways of course!):

drapes 1



drapes 2



drapes 3




drapes 4



drapes 5

Last week, I made the long jaunt to Ikea.  This time it was a different experience because my husband and three kids came.  Let’s just say it wasn’t quite the same and I don’t think I will ever do that again.  The kid’s club was closed so we were stuck walking the aisles with three whiny kids.  I was there solely to hunt down  the Ritva Curtains and see if they really did have the look that good in person.  Oh, and grab a cinnamon roll!



Let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.  Even though they are 100% cotton, they have the look and feel of a linen texture.  They come in white, black, gray, medium brown and red.  And as you can see from the examples above, so many ways to personalize.  If you’re looking for drapes for your living room, bedroom or a kid’s room it’s worth the trek out to Ikea.  Check back on Friday and I will show you a DIY project I’m going to attempt with these drapes (maybe I should say, my mom is going to attempt).


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Study Spaces

I can’t believe this is our last week before school begins.   The summer went by so fast and while I am exited about having some sort of routine again with a school schedule, I am actually sad we won’t have those lazy mornings together anymore.  Mornings where we are still in our pajamas at lunch time or we decide to walk to Dunkin Donuts at 7 am and stop and play at every park along the way.

With school nearing it means homework will soon fill our late afternoons.  One of my resolutions this year was to create a homework center for my kids.  I think it’s important to have a space where your kids can spread out and do their homework and not be distracted.  So far I haven’t made this a reality, but maybe the approaching school year will force me to figure it out.  Having been a teacher in my past, here are a few tips I would share with parents when creating this type of space at home.

Tip 1:  Choose a spot in your home.  It can be in the kitchen, mudroom, office, basement, etc., many places will work and once you find yours designate it as the homework center.

Tip 2:  Place all school supplies within arms reach.  If you don’t have storage space for supplies consider a cart on wheels to store supplies.  Remember this post on an “art cart” to keep supplies nearby?  Great way to keep things mobile and close.
Tip 3:  Make it personal…allow your child to hang favorite photos, artwork, or other momentos.  You can use corkboard to create a bulletin board or magnetic boards for them to display their momentos.
Tip 4:  Keep clutter away!  It’s hard for kids to concentrate if they are surrounded by clutter and a mess. Think about adding a table lamp to create soft lighting.
Here are some great study spaces:
 Love this chalkboard/magnetic board.  And those ghost chairs?  Perfect!
 They’ve used the Vika Alex cabinets paired with a countertop to create this workspace.
ikea spotting
Even a basement can be made into a personal space with a few warm touches.
basement study
Any of you still have your stokke highchair?  This highchair turns into a seat even for adults.
stokke chairs
Simple, clutter free and colorful!
What a great re-purpose trick!  Might be a little small for your school aged kids but perfect for preschoolers.  And who cares if they destroy it with paint and markers.
You don’t need a large space–even a little nook will do the trick.
apartment therapy
I’m sure some of you have kiddos heading back to school this week.  If so, best of luck and don’t forget to capture that first day of school photo.
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Ikea Shopping

A week ago, I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down to read through my blog roll and opened up my computer to this:


Amy’s Computer-Sign of Death

The geniuses at Apple confirmed just what I had suspected….HARD DRIVE FAILURE!  Lucky for me, I’m extra cautious and had everything backed up on an external hard drive (I store this in a fire/water proof safe) and I also use Crash Plan which is an online back up system.  So, while I was sad to say goodbye to my white macbook.  I didn’t sweat it too much because I knew I would be up and running in no time.  However, it didn’t go as planned and I had to wait 5 days to get my new computer.  So, what do you do without a computer?

Shopping, of course!

My mom and sister-in-law were in town for a few days and they made sure I put an Ikea trip on our agenda.  Like always, I was giddy with joy when I saw a few new things.

 This table was beautiful with a walnut veneer top and solid ash legs.  It looked very high end and would look great with any type  of dining room chair.


Stockholm Table

These light fixtures were adorable and would be great in a kids room, playroom or the black/gold one in a dining room.photo-7

 A great solution for kid’s shoe storage and bench by the door.  This little bench comes in a variety of colors.


 Still one of my favorite chairs! Now it has a matching ottoman.



Tessa and I love the Expedit system and now it comes in a high-gloss finish and a ton of different colors including, this hot pink!


These green bins caught my eye when I noticed the price of 1.49!



 Love this bedding for a boy’s room.


 Such cute bedding for a girl’s room if you are trying to steer away from the usual pink.


 A pillow to match or I think this would be a great pop of color in a living room.


My favorite desk from Ikea now comes in two different lengths.


 This bath hand towel was just so cheery looking that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


 Still, my favorite item EVER from Ikea.  These drying racks can mounted on a wall and fold flat when not in use.


 And, my adorable sister-in-law holding up a coffee cup for my brother, an avid hunter.


Enjoy the weekend and we will see you back here on Monday!

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