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Home Depot Lighting

While I definitely like Home Depot for my basic house needs I don’t consider them a great resource for products with good design–that is until now!  While searching online for some lighting, I found their ZUO line with has great design with a small price tag.

1. ZUO Amethyst
//2. ZUO Bronze //3.ZUO Sapphire//4.ZUO Cassius//5.Alpha Floor Lamp//6.ZUO Bradyon//7.ZUO Cascade

1.  Perfect light fixture for an entryway!  The bronze finish keeps it from looking too modern so that would blend in with traditional decor as well.

2.  I’ve been trying to figure out where I could incorporate this pendant light into my home–LOVE it!  I think it would be great in a kids bathroom and I could even see two of these over a rustic wood dining room table.

3.  This pendant has been one of my favorites for a long time.  It comes in two sizes and a nickel finish.  Would love to see the nickel finish in my office area and I think Tessa should put the bronze finish in her entryway. Now we just have to convince our husbands to let us change our light fixtures AGAIN.

4.  This one is a steal at 50.00!  Could look great in a girl’s nursery or bathroom or even over a huge soaking bathtub!

5.  While this is not a pendant light, I couldn’t help but include such a nice looking floor lamp.

6.  This is by far my favorite find at Home Depot.  Large enough in scale to be placed over a dining room table in a more formal setting or  I would love to see it over a rustic wood table.

7.  Everyone needs a little bling in their house!

I will definitely consider Home Depot one of my go-to stores from now on.  Happy Shopping!

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Library Lights

Yesterday I showed you rooms of all different types featuring library lights. These trendy lights are popping up all over the place and I was on a search for some affordable options to recreate the look…
Library Lights


… unfortunately, I discovered that library lights tend to be on the more expensive side. 1, 2 and 3 are all by one of our favorite lighting sources, Circa Lighting which has amazing stuff, but it is also on the higher end so you’re looking at over $200 a piece on those ones. (Cue sad face…) Numbers 4 and 7 are both Sandy Chapman for Visual Comfort and are great alternatives to the Circa Lighting ones–except at almost half the price! One of these would look great over a sink like in yesterday’s inspiration shot! 5 is our cheapest option at under $100 and would be a nice choice for next to a bed or a desk. I love the classic shaded look of #6 as well–the brass and the black are so sophisticated and these would look great hanging behind a family room couch. Click on the icons above for sourcing information.
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $50

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so here are a few gift ideas that you might want to pass on to your husband and kids.  Even better, every gift is under $50.00!
gift guide
*Click on the icon photos above for sources*
1.  These gardening gloves were highlighted by HGTV magazine for a reason!
2.  Some of you might think initial charms are old news but I still love the look of a classic charm necklace.  I love these chains because of the way they are attached will ensure the charm does not flip over.
3.  So clever–an extra battery charger for your iphone and even better it comes in super chic designs.
4.  A vase is always a great gift and would look even better if it comes filled with flowers.
5.  This Jonathan Adler stash box adds the perfect pop of color in any room.
6.  I’m loving these new Stella & Dot earrings.  I recently bought them at a home show and have been wearing them with everything in my closet.
7.  These days we have to carry so many different cards in our wallets whether it be membership cards, gift cards, or frequent customer cards so a nice way to stay organized is to keep these cards separate in a cute card holder.  This one from Etsy is so adorable and only $6.00!
8.  I don’t know of any mom who wouldn’t like chocolate croissants delivered to her door.  Also, a great gift to give to a hostess.
9.  Both Tessa and I have included this wishbone in our previous gift guides.  Tessa was able to score one for her birthday last year.  However, I am still waiting for mine (hint, hint if my family is reading).
10.  These adorable monogrammed coasters are not only practical but add style to any room.
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