DwellStudio for Robert Allen

One of my favorite lines of fabrics is DwellStudio for Robert Allen. We used this fabric in a bedroom design we did and I just love it and keep coming back to it as a top choice for drapery in my family room.

DwellStudio Medallion Band, Mineral

DwellStudio Medallion Band, Mineral

Now, with spring (finally) here, we look to outside living. Now, DwellStudio and Robert Allen have a collection of Sunbrella fabrics called Modern Bungalow (geez, enough brands in one sentence??)

DwellStudio for Robert Allen Sunbrella

DwellStudio for Robert Allen Sunbrella

This is DwellStudio’s first outdoor collection and they chose to go with bold colors, patterns and a lot of green in the palette. We love geometric patterns for outdoor living and this line really delivers. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection–would love to use a few different ones for the upholstery and cushions to create a really fun, eclectic look outside.

Dwell Studio for Robert Allen Modern Bungalow collection

I can’t tell you how anxious I am for there to be a string of 70+ days!

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