Step One of a Reader’s Bedroom Makeover: Before Pics and Her Inspiration

In November we announced the official launch of our design services and with that announcement we gave away a Two Perspectives Design Board as a special thank you to our readers.  Nicole from Illinois won the giveaway and decided to have us tackle her master bedroom. She recently purchased a new home and was struggling with this room–it’s large, has high ceilings and unusual asymmetrical windows. Ultimately, she’s overwhelmed with where to place furniture so that it makes sense of these windows and helps fill the space without feeling too crowded.

Here are a few shots of what the room looks like now:

bedroom 2

Reader’s Bedroom Project Before


bedroom 1

Reader’s Bedroom-Before


Bedroom 3


bedroom 5


Two things have to remain in the room–the bed and the TV. Otherwise, she’s up for change!

As a first step, we asked Nicole to share pictures of rooms she likes. Here are a few inspiration shots she sent us along with her comments:

“A little more traditional and monotone than I would like but furniture placement is nice.”

image nicole

‘Like this, except would like more color.”

inspiration 1

“Like how warm and personal this space is.”

inspiration 2

“Love the mix of patterns and pops of yellow and the seating placement.”

inspirational 3

Step two is laying out a furniture plan that addresses her needs. Check back tomorrow when we will reveal our own inspiration photos and a room layout plan! On Wednesday, we’ll show you the design board we created

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  1. Step Two of a Reader’s Bedroom Makeover: Our Inspiration | twoinspiredesign - January 29, 2013

    […] Our second step in tackling our winning reader’s bedroom makeover, was determining Nicole’s furniture layout. We wanted to make sure we addressed the challenges in her room–namely creating a serene space to sleep, relax and work–all around the randomly sized and placed windows. For pictures of the room as it currently is, see yesterday’s post. […]

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