Creating a Vignette

Today I’m reposting one of my favorite things to do in a home……and the best part, it doesn’t take much creativity!  Also, Tessa and I visited West Elm yesterday and hands down it’s one of our favorite places to buy items to display in a vignette.  Later this week, I will post my favorite items.  

We often get asked about styling–a bookcase, coffee table, console, etc. The secret to styling is learning how to create a vignette. Creating a vignette with favorite objects in your home can be one way to truly make a space personal. In simple terms, a vignette is a group of small items purposefully arranged for display.  This can be done in the kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom or really any room in the house.  You can display a vignette on nightstands, coffee tables, bookshelves or entry tables.

There really isn’t any wrong or right way to create a vignette but I’ve learned a few tips along the way.

1.  It’s important that scale, shape and size is taken into account when choosing objects.

2.  Think of these three tips as you choose your objects–Try to display something tall, something meaningful, and something fresh.

3.  Setting items on a tray is a great way to display lots of little objects without it looking too cluttered.  The tray gives the items boundaries.

4. Use different textures and different heights to create interest.

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, a vignette should be unique to you.

I could pin beautiful vignettes to my Pinterest boards all day long but here are a few that demonstrate the rules above.

Perfect example of objects of different heights and I love that the frames are not the same finish which creates more interest.


Nice mixture of height and adding something fresh to the mix.

dresser vignette

When adding interest to a coffee table–books are your best friend.  But don’t just stop at one stack…work your way all the way around a table.

coffee table

A stack of books is always a nice addition and I love how they’ve used books here to create height for a lamp.

lamp on books


Using the books like a tray, it gives these three small objects a purpose and a nice choice of three items that differ in scale.

photo on book

Simple but beautiful use of different frames sizes to keep it interesting.  I also love how they have hung the gold frame instead of leaning all of them.


House of McNairy

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