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Ikea Ritva Curtains

I’m always looking for cheap ways to add drapery to a room.  Drapery can be an expensive purchase and even more expensive when you add curtain rods.  I was perusing the internet looking for cheap but nice looking drapes.  Here are a few photos that caught my eye and would you believe these drapes are from Ikea (DIY in different ways of course!):

drapes 1



drapes 2



drapes 3




drapes 4



drapes 5

Last week, I made the long jaunt to Ikea.  This time it was a different experience because my husband and three kids came.  Let’s just say it wasn’t quite the same and I don’t think I will ever do that again.  The kid’s club was closed so we were stuck walking the aisles with three whiny kids.  I was there solely to hunt down  the Ritva Curtains and see if they really did have the look that good in person.  Oh, and grab a cinnamon roll!



Let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.  Even though they are 100% cotton, they have the look and feel of a linen texture.  They come in white, black, gray, medium brown and red.  And as you can see from the examples above, so many ways to personalize.  If you’re looking for drapes for your living room, bedroom or a kid’s room it’s worth the trek out to Ikea.  Check back on Friday and I will show you a DIY project I’m going to attempt with these drapes (maybe I should say, my mom is going to attempt).


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Extending the Life of a Classic

Every mom knows the ubiquitous Jenny Lind cribs and beds. They’re a total classic in kids design.

via Apartment Therapy

Amy posted this picture last year–the crib? Jenny Lind.

via Elements of Style


via Apartment Therapy

via Pinterest

Opal Design Group

But, why not give a classic an extended life? I saw this pic on Instagramer @sarahmdorseydesigns feed and thought it was such a great idea.


Have you ever tried to turn an old crib or bed into something else?

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Clever (Affordable!) Entry Idea

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to set up my entry. I’ve had this piece there for a while, but have recently felt like it was kind of large for the space and am looking for a way to open things up and make the entry feel bigger and brighter.

Entry console table

I moved the mirror to above the fireplace in my family room as you may remember from this photo a couple of weeks ago

Tessa Fireplace Mantel

So, I’ve been trying to think of a replacement piece in the entry. I only have about 14 inches of depth to work with. I’ve thought about doing clear acrylic console table but honestly, I’m a girl who needs storage. Then, I saw this idea in the June issue of House & Home and thought it was just brilliant.

IKEA Cabinet in Entry

How great is this idea to use a kitchen cabinet from IKEA to create a custom entry piece? I love that it’s a totally affordable way to create a custom piece. At less than 13 inches deep and off the floor it’s perfect for smaller entries and creating a sense of space.

The cabinet is a simple kitchen cabinet that costs $69!


I’d love to paint it a deep glossy navy (I’d do the whole thing not just the front as they’ve done) and then put one of these Swirled Geode knobs on the front for a little luxe

Swirled Geode Knob

Swirled Geode Knob

Then maybe throw one of these upholstered stoolsunderneath so people have something to pull out and sit down to put on their shoes.

Upholstered Stool

West Elm

Maybe even this frequent DIY failer could pull this one off.

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