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Step Two of a Reader’s Bedroom Makeover: Our Inspiration

Our second step in tackling our winning reader’s bedroom makeover, was determining Nicole’s furniture layout. We wanted to make sure we addressed the challenges in her room–namely creating a serene space to sleep, relax and work–all around the randomly sized and placed windows. For pictures of the room as it currently is, see yesterday’s post.

1.  First and foremost, placement of the bed–where would the major piece of furniture go? With different sized windows on each wall, there wasn’t exactly a “natural” place for the bed to go. After a lot of discussion, we decided the best place to position the bed is in front of the large window at the end of the room. It’s common to resist putting a bed in front of a window, but like in this inspiration shot, Nicole’s largest window will serve as a great frame for her bed.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

2. We wanted to include a seating area for Nicole so she’d have somewhere to escape to and watch tv. She has a large bedroom so a couple of upholstered chairs are not only functional, but also a great way to fill up and soften the large space. So, at the end of the bed, we’d place two upholstered chairs that would also stop the room from looking like all the furniture is against walls.

3.  When working with a large bed like Nicole has, we also like the idea of using small dressers in lieu of traditional bedside tables.

Traditional Home

Traditional Home

4.  Her two new upholstered chairs would be used to watch TV on the same wall it is currently on, except we’d have it on a new dresser that would sit between the two windows. While she has relatively good closet space, a dresser will serve as a great way to store delicates or accessories. We would choose a dresser in dark wood like the bed that she’s keeping and have her mount the TV lower (8-10 inches above the dresser) or just have it sitting on the dresser. Either way, it would be on a swivel so that she can also watch from her bed.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

5.  This inspiration shot also inspired our color palette for the room. Nicole wanted a room that was a good balance of femininity and masculinity. She also likes a touch of glam which we think the plum/purple family really provides-so regal!

6.  We saw this color swatch and were inspired to apply a similar one to Nicole’s room.

Color Swatch Plum Grey

Design Seeds

7. On the opposite wall to the dresser/tv, we’d give more purpose to those two awkwardly placed, high windows by putting a desk between them and a mirror or piece of artwork over the desk between the windows. Like in this inspiration shot, a desk between the windows will detract from the windows themselves and a mirror or artwork will provide the balance necessary to make sense of the high windows.

The Everygirl

The Everygirl

8. Additionally, we’d recommend painting the beams in her bedroom the same color as the walls.  Really makes the white ceiling pop.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

After taking into consideration all of our inspiration photos, here’s where we landed on the final furniture layout for Nicole’s master retreat (note, this is not to scale, but gives a good idea of where she would be placing furniture):

Furniture plan-not to scale


Tomorrow, we’ll show you how the room layout and color palette came together to create a design board that Nicole can use to create her master retreat.

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Two Inspire Design Design Services…and you could win them!

As a special Thanksgiving thank you to our readers and in honor of the official launch of our design services (yay!!) we’re giving away a Two Perspectives Design Board. Have a room in your house that needs a little help this holiday season? We’ve got you covered. Just leave a comment telling us which room you’d like help with and why and we’ll randomly pick one winner this Friday!

If you’re local, we’ll drop by your house and following a consultation, we’ll present you with some inspiration shots and a detailed design board with specific suggestions for purchases. Not local? Not to worry! We’re used to this, so if you win, you’ll just send us some pictures with a little description about what you’re looking to get out of the room and in turn, we’ll provide you with inspiration shots and a design board for how you might execute a change in your choice room.

One caveat…the winner’s room and design board will be featured in an upcoming post.

Here are some examples of design boards we’ve recently completed…

A beach chic master bedroom created for a reader in California who wanted a serene space with colors influenced by the ocean location

Two Perspectives Design Board: Beach Chic Master Bedroom

 For this local reader, we gave her dining room a new look that included helping her fit in a work area

Two Perspectives Design Board: Dining Room Office

Maybe you have a baby coming (or already here!) and you need help with designing a nursery like this reader did

Two Perspectives Design Board: Traditional Nursery

 Or, is your living room in need of a little facelift?

Two Perspectives Design Board: Transitional Living Room


So, let us know how you see us helping in your house by leaving a comment below and we’ll let you know on Friday who won! We’ll give your room a fresh look by providing you with the inspiration you need to get started. You can find out more about our design services by clicking here.

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Nate Berkus Giveaway

Instead of the usual making dinner and putting kids to bed last night, Tessa and I headed to the city for a book signing with Nate Berkus at Jayson Home.  His new book “The Things That Matter” hit shelves last week.  While it’s technically not a memoir, Nate does share  personal stories and how those events have helped him decorate his own home.  In it he encourages people to be ‘rule-breakers’ and to create their own distinctive space.

He was just as adorable in person, but unfortunately they weren’t allowing any photos with Nate.   Tessa tried to play the pregnancy card for a photo-op, but his ‘people’ would not budge!  Lucky for you he signed an extra book for one of our readers.

And here he is signing that book for one of you…

To be entered in our giveaway and win a copy of this book, leave a comment on the blog and for an EXTRA chance share this post on your facebook page.  The winner will be announced on Monday.

Even though we didn’t get a photo-op with cutie-pie Nate, we still had a fun girls night out on the town!

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