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IKEA Laundry Room

IKEA is one of our favorite resources for laundry room design. Today, we thought we’d get you inspired to do some quick, affordable changes of your own with suggestions for a clean, crisp laundry room all decked out in IKEA. Another thing we love about IKEA is their online kitchen design planner–you can easily use this for a laundry or mud room–put in your dimensions and start adding features to really customize your space.  And remember, they deliver so even if you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can still design and order.

IKEA Laundry Room

1) This free-standing unit is perfect for organizing/hanging clothes–an essential for any laundry room. At under $200, it would also be an affordable alternative to a full wall of cabinetry with countertop.

2) Laminate countertops are a nice option for a laundry room because they’re affordable and heat and water resistant. These stainless look ones fit nicely with the cool palette of our design. Another good option that you saw in Amy’s reveal yesterday, is Corian.

3) Simple white cabinetry is the perfect choice for a laundry room. Amy and I both have shaker style (Akurum Adel from IKEA) which is what you saw in her post yesterday. These more traditional Stat cabinets have a fun country feel to them. We suggest a simple nickel knob. Amy actually used Restoration Hardware’s Aubrey pull.

4) This is the most perfect laundry room sink–kind of industrial looking and deep enough to soak clothes or wash out the Christmas tree holder. Pair it with a pull-down gooseneck faucet that further helps washing and mount a wire rack behind it for storage of sponges, soap, etc.

5) As you likely know, IKEA is great for accessories. Casters can be purchased for this laundry basket so you can wheel your laundry around your new beautiful room! We like to glass jars to store things like washing powder (I go through Costco size tubs of Oxi with my two kids!) and use wicker baskets for liquid detergents, paper towels and other essentials. The wicker baskets in this washed gray finish are the perfect way to add a little texture.

6) Unfortunately the brushed stainless drying racks Amy has in her laundry room are no longer available at IKEA–this design replaced them. If you’re redoing your laundry space though, make room on your walls for a fold-down drying rack–I use mine daily for delicates, work out clothes and bathing suits.

7) Gray is a hot color right now and it’s perfect for this laundry room. If you like what you saw in Amy’s laundry room, she uses Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware (but any paint manufacturer will have a match in their computers.)

8) A simple roll-up shade dresses up the space a little–since this one is so affordable, you could always apply a cool geometric design using fabric paint.

9) And when you’re thinking design, don’t forget to look up. Good lighting is essential for any laundry room. I love this cream flushmount ceiling light with its woven texture. Since many basement laundry rooms have existing florescent lighting, it’s worth having an electrician come in and switch it out–super easy and makes a big impact.

10) Lastly, don’t forget to infuse a little color into the space. Dash & Albert rugs are perfect for a laundry room and this striped rug  is very similar.

Let us know if you have any other questions about sources from yesterday’s post. Is there anything else you’d add to your laundry room? Let us know!

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Laundry Room Reveal

Today we’re continuing our series on laundry rooms and I thought it would be fun to share the progress of my own space.

Here is my laundry room…well, at least BEFORE we created a space.  We live in a home that was built in 1924, and while most of the house had been updated when we bought it, the basement was not completely finished.  We decided to renovate the basement into a playroom and add a laundry room.  

See what I had to work with? Doing laundry in this space was not fun and gave me the creeps.

Amy’s Laundry Room-Before

 On the other side of the basement there was a room that we used for storage.  I thought this would be the perfect area to convert to a laundry room because there weren’t any major obstacles such as a sump pump, duct work, furnace, etc.  We also decided to move the water heater to the other side where the washer and dryer were originally.

Amy’s Laundry Room-Before

 Notice the window, it actually provides access to the foundation under an addition that was added.   I used one of my inspirational photos to give me an idea of how to hide this window.

Amy’s Laundry Room-Before

Using my inspiration photos, I made a list of all the things that were important in my laundry room. I knew that I wanted the overall feel to be light, crisp and clean. Seriously, would a type A personality have it any other way? I also wanted white cabinets and, for the clean look, I wanted the washer/dryer to be built-in.  Here’s a view looking in from the same angle as the photo above.

Amy’s Laundry Room

Notice the window is no longer visible. The view from the window was actually a hideous crawl space under our addition.   Instead I had a cork board framed and added hinges so that it can be opened up from the bottom if we ever need access.  I painted the cork board white to keep the space bright.

Amy’s Laundry Room

I used leftover white subway tile from a kitchen project to create a backsplash around the sink. And also installed an extra deep sink–a must in a laundry room.

Amy’s Laundry Room

When planning this space it made the most sense to locate the sink next to the washer and dryer on the other side.  I debated about not putting the washer/dryer on pedestals but keeping everything even height completely all the way around but in the end, I decided I didn’t want to bend over (yes, I can be lazy).  Also, the pedestals have pull-out drawers that allow for more storage.  With the washer/dryer on pedestals, I still have a sufficient amount of room for folding laundry.

Amy’s Laundry Room-After

I have a very  small window in this room but to make it appear larger, I installed a bamboo shade  from Overstock to frame the window. I chose a bamboo shade to allow the most possible sunlight to filter through and brighten the space.

Amy’s Laundry Room

Ah, my favorite part of my laundry room–drying racks! I love the fact that they will fold flat against a wall.  No more wooden ones that take up floor space. And yes, that is a wine fridge in the corner…let’s just say that this is what I had to throw in to get my husband onboard to complete this project. Although, I enjoy my vino as well so it was a win-win for me, too!

Amy’s Laundry Room-After

The best part of this laundry room was the majority was created from Ikea.  Check back tomorrow and Tessa and I will show you all of our favorite laundry room finds at Ikea.   And for all of you organized geeks (me included) out there, later this week I will let you have a sneak peek in my laundry room drawers to show how I created a room that’s not just for folding laundry.

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Laundry Room Inspiration

The laundry room has become one of the most important rooms in most people’s houses. As moms (perhaps unfortunately!) we spend a LOT of time in our laundry rooms so why not make them not only functional, but also beautiful. So, we’re dedicating this week’s posts to the hard-working laundry room!

We both recently re-did our basements and were lucky enough to carve out spaces for laundry rooms. Here are a few of our favorite laundry rooms that were used for inspiration.

Amy’s Choices

The soft gray walls combined with the sleek modern look of stainless steel make this laundry room a winner for me. The silver framed photo on the left actually hides the circuit braker control panel–brilliant idea. Another alternative would be to put up a corkboard to post laundry tips.   I’m usually not a fan of upper cabinets because to me they make the room always feel smaller, but I think the idea of using glass cabinets doesn’t have that effect.  The glass containers and tray to contain everything are great storage solutions.

Sarah Richardson

Long, deep drawers are useful in a laundry room because they can store items of all sizes.  The drying rack on the opposite wall is a must in any laundry room.

Stylish Livable Spaces

This laundry room is my DREAM!  The white subway tile, countertop island with painted gray legs, BIG farmhouse sink and of course, the adorable light fixtures.


Tessa’s Choices

These simple shaker cabinets are perfect for a laundry room. Since I’m not quite as tidy as Amy (admitting you have a problem is the first step!) I knew closed upper cabinets would be better for me than open shelves. And I love the idea of adding a print roman shade–an easy way to fancy it up and add interest to an otherwise simple space.

Via House & Home

This is a great example of working with what you have–creating a beautiful laundry room doesn’t have to be expensive. A fresh coat of white paint brightens the space, simple stainless steel shelves add storage, a laminate countertop fits easily over the laundry units and a bright print fabric conceals a less than attractive utility sink.

via House & Home

Just because you don’t have a full room to dedicate to laundry, doesn’t mean you can’t create a really useful space. Carve out a large closet and add a countertop and some shelves and you’re in just as good shape! This would be a great solution for condo living or if you were trying to fit a laundry room into an entry mudroom and want it to be concealed.

via House & Home

Ok, not everyone is lucky enough to have a huge window in their laundry room–Amy and I both have small basement windows in ours. But, if we’re talking dream laundry rooms, here’s mine. I love the cabinets over the laundry units–unexpected, but a great use of space given the lower ceiling and it makes the units feel built into the space. Also, take note of the sink–both of us have that sink in our laundry rooms!

via House & Home

Tomorrow Amy will reveal her laundry room and later this week we’ll share specific must-have items for the laundry room.





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