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Client Inspiration

One of the great things about our job is going into people’s homes. It’s eye opening to see what items are special to homeowners and also the way they keep their home organized (or not!)  This past week we’ve been working with a woman to help her stage her house for sale. She who has a great eye for design and every item in her home serves a purpose or tells a story about her life. I don’t think she’s ever purchased something at HomeGoods to ‘fill’ a shelf. I think this is something we all strive to do and sometimes we get caught up in buying more, but really we should look around in our homes and use items for other purposes.

A prefect example is this….


On her bathroom counter, our client used silver baby cups to store lipsticks and makeup. I loved this idea and it made me think of my own children’s cups they received when they were born. Those cups definitely weren’t on display but instead sitting inside their ‘keepsake’ box waiting for me to hand them over to my kids when they turned 18 and moved out of the house. Not much use sitting in a box!

Here are the three beautiful cups that I spent 30 minutes polishing after digging out of boxes.


These are so sweet to receive as a gift but they serve as a decorative piece in a babies nursery for the first few months and then get tucked away. I love the idea of using them in a bathroom.  Inspired by our new client, I decided to put them in my master bathroom–such a sweet touch on my counter to look at each morning.


They are the perfect size for storing cotton swabs and so much more meaningful than my Pottery Barn glass containers I used to have on the counter.  While I was getting nostalgic, I pulled out the two mint julep cups from my wedding reception. It instantly makes me happy to walk into my bathroom and see these special items instead of storing them in a box.



You might notice one cup is missing…I found another spot for my first born’s cup.


A perfect cup to hang earrings off the side and to store my wedding ring inside the cup.  I finally have a place for my rings and won’t forget where I took them off.


Before you run out to purchase more items for organizing, take a look around your house (don’t forget under the bed!) you just might be surprised by what you find.

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Inspiration From Anywhere

As many of you regular readers know, one of the reasons that Amy and I started this blog is because we wanted to inspire people to try new things in their homes. And it’s important to remember that inspiration can come from so many different places. I always have my phone with me so when I see something that inspires me, I tend to just take a quick pic.

I took this picture at Easter dinner yesterday. These seriously gorgeous macaroons were made (yes, made!) by my brother-in-law’s very talented girlfriend. They were as good as they are beautiful!


Looking at these, you can see how all the colors just work beautifully together. This picture could translate into a gorgeous room with an accent wall like this

But, you don’t have to take things so literally. I can also see that macaroon picture inspiring a room like this where you mix all the different colors.



Or, like this, where you choose a couple of the colors for a pop and then bring the other colors into the room in a more subtle way like the art work.

Style At Home

You could be inspired to do a colorful wall of art

So, remember, don’t forget to the little things that could inspire your home decor. And let me know if you’re looking for a totally amazing baker for your next party! ;)

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Easter Planning

Happy Easter weekend!  We’re off to my parent’s house for the long weekend so just a quick post. My kids get so excited about waking up to Easter baskets and I get so excited about decorating the dinner table.  When it comes to table decor, I like to keep it simple and this year I think I will try something like this…

easter 1I love the simplicity of the glass bottles with a single flower and the branches for some height. And to add a little fun to the table these will be perfect..

treats 2

These are the easiest and most delicious little treats!  Since my last name is Bird I’m pretty familiar with just about any treat that has to do with birds!

Enjoy the long weekend!

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